Deep house cleaning services are our most detailed cleaning service offered.

Deep cleaning is a fall/spring type cleaning and is the most detailed cleaning service we offer. 

This type of cleaning is usually a good way to start if you are looking to start on a basic cleaning schedule and your home has not had a good fall or spring cleaning in a while. Our deep cleaning service includes everything in our basic cleaning package plus:

 •Washing woodwork, casings and sills

 •Washing walls (see note below about walls taller than 7 ft)

 •Washing inside windows and tracks

 •Moving all moveable furniture to clean underneath and behind*

*We cannot move furniture with electronics on them nor do we move any electronic equipment

 Note: In homes with very high ceilings (over 7 ft)and/or with cabinets high on the wall, we request that the client provide us with a ladder tall enough to safely reach these areas. We cannot provide ladders taller than 3 ft.